Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am going to be in a blog hop!

I finally did it!  I joined a Blog Hop hosted by the wonderful and talented Madame Samm from Sew We Quilt and our Cheerleader/Organizer is the equally talented Jane from Jane"s Fabrics and Quilts.  I love both of these ladies' blogs and have enjoyed the many wonderful blog hops that Mdm Samm has hosted,  I decided I had to join  - this one is all stitchery - my favorite!!  I received the patterns tonight and already am planning what I want to do with them!

On a separate note I had just started an embroidery project of vintage girls that I plan to use as quilt blocks for a wall hanging - here is a picture of what is in my hoop right now

Another current craft project are the new techniques I am learning from participating in a year long workshop called LifeBook 13.  Last week we learned a great one using aluminum foil and painted coffee filters...yes straight from the kitchen!  It was a lot of fun, painting and stenciling the filters, gluing them to the foil and finally molding them into petals - I loved it!  Here is my end journal page.  It is definitely something I will do with the Prince again - he loves trying new things and I can see me using it in scrapbooking pages.

And my very best news is my youngest daughter is getting married...and she is having a baby!!!  I crocheted this sweater sans trim right now until we know if I need to add pink lace crochet trim or blue boyish trim....I am so excited!

I will post again this weekend - I have a busy few days coming up and I hope to get more stitching done and catch up on my quilt BOMs so I can post them as well. It will be a way to keep me honest so I get them done!



  1. looking forward to seeing your blog hop piece :)

  2. I love the journal page with the flowers RI- you'll have to show me how- something I could share with my students!!