Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome Spring!

There is definitely something about Spring that makes me feel so good and energized. I think that is the way so many feel. Even though we did not have a bad winter, it was still gray and dreary. I don't like being shut up in the house so I feel gray and dreary too!
I tried to keep busy with online classes this winter and realized that I love to draw and paint but sewing is my true love so I am trying to design a quilt that will incorporate painting on fabric, embroidery designs I drew and quilt blocks. I then realized that I need to blog about it to record it for my memory...I forget things so easily!

I recently found this tutorial detailing how to make baby blankets that Jenny from Missouri Quilt Company created. She is such a wonderful instructor and is always sharing great tips and patterns. These were so easy that I made 2 for my grandson and one each for my nieces! Not the greatest picture - but if I waited for a good shot this post would never happen!

I also took a great class on sewing curves that Rachel from Stitched in Color hosted. She gave us patterns and instructions for so many projects and had such clear detailed steps for each. I highly suggest any online classes she hosts. Here are 2 clamshell pillows using raw applique I made - this was the first or second project. I used the scraps from one to make a train for my son - he is 5 now and has loved trains since he was about 1 year old!

And I have been drawing faces! But I will post pictures of them tomorrow. I have had a blast drawing too!


  1. great clam shell pillows.
    welcome to blogging.

  2. Cute projects! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am ready to hit the road to get mom but wanted to stop by and tell you I'm sure your children enjoy you and as they grow older, it becomes even more special...ask me how I know. Mom is my best friend and I couldn't imagine outings without her.