Saturday, April 9, 2011


The past few weeks I have been silent on my blog due to my heart is acting up again and my back is horrible....the doctors were actually talking emergency surgery for the back, but luckily that is not necessary. There will be more surgery soon to stop more of the nerve damage from getting a lot worse but I have babied myself (kind of) and it seems to be calming down enough to hold off for a month or so to see if I have to take care of the heart or back first....Relaxing with my knitting and embroidery has made me very reflective.....When I started this blog I thought I would chronicle what the Prince and I made, but since I don't want to show my little Prince on the World Wide Web, I decided not to do this...then I started reading other blogs and tried to mirror the things I liked other people were doing. That started me trying to follow a lot of the same projects. While I love quilting (and I do!) I am not a "swapper" or a machine quilter...I more of a small project kind of gal. I looooved making my Irish wall hanging and for the past few weeks I have been having a ball making things for my Prince to play with. So from this point on, I am just going to take off the self imposed pressure to create masterpices and have fun creating what ever I feel in the mood to do, or to fill "special orders" from my son! I used to make dolls when my girls were young and made some money doing it too, nothing major but enough to help a little financially and have fun doing it. I have my Prince, my grandson and my nephew Big Brotha and now my niece Lil Sista to make toys for and that is what I want to do. I just made the Prince a monster truck play mat that folds into a back pack.

We have a new knitted teddy bear, a stuffed felt monkey, a squishy baby doll and pillow bed for our niece and our pirate doll that have been mde lately too. Next is a doll for my younger daughter (she is 23 an is still heart-broken over the doll that I made her years ago that her older sister drew on) and then back to the boys and our princess......Ahh I love these kids. My grandson will be home for the summer soon. He lives with my mom (God Bless her!!) and I miss him so much. The nephew and niece are my cousins children. I am 14 years older than her and she has always been so special to me so it follows that her children would be too. I am still busy with my BOMs from Lynn at Blue Bird quilts and Val Laird- those have been fun too! I hope you like the pictures! I am still trying to master getting them where I want them!


  1. G'morn Maria ~ I do hope all these medical issues cease to give you such grief quickly. Love the little darlings you have shared with us ... cute!
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~


  2. G'day.... lovely to hear from you.... Sorry to hear you have been not so well and hope you continue to feel much better... I love what you have made ... and I agree... make what you love doing... the passion for it shows...

  3. Hello Maria, take care....and hope things settle down for you...enjoyed catching up with your post.....loved seeing Block 3...thankyou....sometimes I think we put too much pressure on our selves......take care Maria...Warm Regards, Lyn


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