Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun Day with my 4 year old

Well, I did manage to applique a few leaves on my block but my boy wanted to do projects too! He is always busy with me when I craft anything. I love the time we spend like this and have sworn I will never choose sewing over playing....... So we spent a great day decoupaging wooden boxes I bought really cheap ($0.25) at Michaels Craft Store about a year ago oh and did some finger painting too. He made his grandma and big sister Valentines cards from hand prints and then sat down and "embroidered" with me. His father rolls his eyes when our boy wants to sew but I remind him of Rosie Greer (for my young reader he was a BIG burly football player from the 70s) who knitted!

I may not have finished my blocks but I had a much better day with my little guy. I will take pictures next time!

1 comment:

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