Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bee in my Bonnet

Have you ever visited Lori Holt's blog? If you love applique and just reading fun posts check her out. I just added her button to my blog.....I am getting good at this!

She is having an awesome giveaway (yes I found another one!) so visit when you can!


  1. I love that I found your site, as I am taking an applique class next week:) I will very soon need some applique inspiration!

  2. Just wanted to pop by & thank you for your sweet wishes for my husband. He is not out of the woods yet with another surgical procedure in a few weeks again. He is doing fine tho under the circumstances. You truly moved me & for this I am thankful.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

    CSN GIVEAWAY ends 3/17