Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Hobby!

So I decided I must have ADCD (Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder)...Yesterday I went to get another yard of the fabric I had run out of and needed to finish the Irish Wall Hanging and there they were....Knitting Needles. I crochet and love it, but all the times I have tried to learn to knit was a dismal failure. Well there was a sale, and I already have yarn (though to celebrate my trying again I did buy 2 skeins of a very soft beautiful yarn)...these are the excuses I readied for hubbie....Guess what - I FINALLY DID IT! I CAN KNIT!!! I went on (I find so many helpful how to crafting videos there) and I finally understand and I love it.....Even more than crochet! So now my WIP pile will grow and grow and grow! As for the ADCD, I hear the only way to treat it is with lots of fabric, yarn and time......

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  1. How fun for you! Mother fired' me knitting ... chuckle!

    Happy St. Paddy's Day
    Have a beautiful week !
    TTFN ~